"Sometimes attaining the deepest familiarity with a question is our best substitute for actually having the answer." - Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe

In that sentence, I think that Brian Greene has summarized the attitude of many physicists, especially those whose training and experience has driven them into an over-familiarity with all the unanswered questions in modern particle physics. Quantum Mechanics has proposed too many inexplicable phenomena, with which too many physicists have become too complacently over-familiar. Quantum mechanics and classical physics just cannot be fully reconciled, too many say. Which would be fine if quantum mechanics then went on to explain everything that classical physics could not, but it doesn't. It attains the deepest familiarity with the questions and presents that as an alternative to having any answers.

But there are answers to all of the questions. If you would prefer a more simple explanation of all of the unanswered questions thrown up by Quantum Mechanics and other modern Quantum Physics concepts, along with their solutions, please do consider getting a copy of my book, which is detailed at the bottom of this page, after some very brief information about me. It is not necessary, however, to make any purchase in order to understand my Theory of Absolute Relativity; the following pages each take an important aspect of Quantum Physics, often referring to information published on the Net, scientific papers or other publications, and then applies my theory. Wherever I look in Quantum Physics, the Theory of Absolute Unified Relativity simplifies and explains, solving the problems that have confounded physicists since Einstein and Bohr.

So please do study the following pages, even if you do not choose to purchase a copy of my book; and do feel free to leave comments, as long as they are inoffensive and constructive.

The Schrödinger Equation and Human Consciousness

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The quantum mind/body problem refers to the philosophical discussions of the mind/body problem in the context of quantum mechanics. Since quantum mechanics involves quantum superpositions, which are not perceived by observers, quantum mechanics apparently places observers in a special position.

The founders of quantum mechanics debated the role of the observer, and of them, Wolfgang Pauli and Werner Heisenberg believed that it was the observer that produced collapse. This point of view, which was never fully endorsed by Niels Bohr, was denounced as mystical and anti-scientific by Albert Einstein. Pauli accepted the term, and described quantum mechanics as lucid mysticism.

Unlike Heisenberg and Bohr, who always described quantum mechanics in logical positivist terms, Hugh Everett took the wavefunction of quantum mechanics as a real description of the world. In the many-worlds interpretation, the memories of the observer splits at every measurement, leading to the subjective appearance of collapse.

This observation was separated from many-worlds interpretation by Eugene Wigner, who proposed that the consciousness of the observer is what causes collapse of the wavefunction, independent of any realist philosophy or splitting observers. Colloquially known as "consciousness causes collapse", this interpretation of quantum mechanics states that observation by a conscious observer is what makes the wave function collapse.

The concept illustrated above is just simply another nonsensical idea resulting from the misinterpretation of sub-atomic particles. Unified Absolute Relativity shows the wavefunction, described by the Schrödinger equation, which only ever exists with the originating atom, is collapsed when extra energy in the originating atom is transferred to the receiving atom. The extra energy received by the receiving atom will set up another wavefuction and so the chain (the Von Neuman Chain) will go on. Human consciousness ends this chain, so it has been asserted.
But look at a white plate in the sunshine; the extra energy received from the atoms of the sun is absorbed then re-transmitted by the white plate into the atoms of the eye, whereupon they are transported to the brain, see
Illustration 1:

Illustration 1
A neural connection is made in the brain, which has collapsed the wavefunction. But the energy still exists and will be dispersed in the brain and the body as infrared radiation, heat.

Now, Illustration 2 shows the same set-up, but now with a black plate:

Illustration 2         

Now, although the eye and the brain "sees" a black plate, there is no wavefunstion reaching the eye; the wavefunction has been collapsed at the plate, whereupon the energy will be absorbed and dispersed as infrared radiation, heat - as would be very clear if one were to touch the white and then the black plates. Even this infrared radiation may not reach the eye.
So the black plate is performing the same function as the eye and the brain with the white plate, showing the consciousness is not necessary - and wavefunctions are collapsing everywhere as energy is transmitted, absorbed and transformed with or without sentient beings observing the process.

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